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Коментарии Форекс тренд и его управляющие

Amjad Hani
Very nice tutorial thank you!
Коментарий от: Amjad Hani

lionel perez
Hey Bro....your videos have definitely helped my experience with trading elevate and i thank you greatly for all of your videos......i have a major question though about this video with your 3rd point of placement with this tool..........why do you use the first point when adding your 3rd point inside of using the next swing pivot ? I love this tool and would always use 3 different pivots to measure the extension instead of 2 pivots ... so what is your reason? Thanks
Коментарий от: lionel perez

Ronny Isnaeni
Hi steven, hope u always doin fine
I have a question about the time frame when we measure the structure, is it a must that we have to applied in the same time frame or we can applied it in lower time frame, thanks steven i hope u can reply it soon

Коментарий от: Ronny Isnaeni

yoshi toshi
thank you for the clarity. truly appreciate .
Коментарий от: yoshi toshi

Martin Brown
Коментарий от: Martin Brown

Digital Karl
So much extra work for nothing and missed what the extension tool is actually for! The fib retracement tool should be used for what you are explaining. The extension tool is to compare say Wave 1 to Wave 5! You pull it from start of wave 1 to end of wave 1 and then pull it to either the end of wave 2 or wave 4. Your clicking 3 times instead of twice just to get one leg extension targets. Why do you think the retracement tool even has more then 100%? LOL! Nice try.
Коментарий от: Digital Karl

Kamal Mohamed
This guy is genuis!!
Коментарий от: Kamal Mohamed

Emm Ess Sajwan
You are not able to explain it,
Коментарий от: Emm Ess Sajwan

Popa Loco
thanks for the effort keep it up
Коментарий от: Popa Loco

AMAZING! Thank you!
Коментарий от: Yosi

Babu Singh
Great brother.... Love you
Коментарий от: Babu Singh

Rohit Banga
why am I the only person that finds this very hard to understand?????????
Коментарий от: Rohit Banga

Jez Reel
what the diff on fib extension and fib retracements? and when to use them?
Коментарий от: Jez Reel

Brian Mowad
I went on to tradingview and tried to create a "trend-based fib extention" and the numbers were completely different. I can not seem to find where the 1.272 is? Any help with this?
Коментарий от: Brian Mowad

Fayaz Hussain
I tried many times, in order to drawa the same from Hight to low then high, but i can't, once Fib extension drawn from high to low then again not possible from low to high same fib extension,kindly help me in this regards Thanks.
Коментарий от: Fayaz Hussain

JP Cardoso
Коментарий от: JP Cardoso

nilbert pacheco
Hello Steve! It's just now that I fully understood your 3 video training series
Коментарий от: nilbert pacheco

Govind sahu
One of the best explained person I ever seen .... Many many thanks ... Much appreciated
Коментарий от: Govind sahu

Man Do
there's no fibonacci extensions at MT4 only expansion.
Коментарий от: Man Do

Marce Colucci
Hi Steven, no one has ever been able to explain how to use Fib extensions as clearly and practically as you have in this short video! Thank you and keep up the fantastic sharing of tips for making trading more profitable!
Коментарий от: Marce Colucci

Norton Robinson
Great video do you also use the fib speed resistance fan at all in your trading.
Коментарий от: Norton Robinson

ramaa samuel-mohammed
thank u,very helpful and well explained
Коментарий от: ramaa samuel-mohammed

Biswajit Chatterjee
Thanks for the teaching video.
Коментарий от: Biswajit Chatterjee

Bro.. extension is a '' continuation of a retracement''. Can you see where your mistake in drawing is?
Коментарий от: V1ctor

Mohammad Algezeeri
Totally its wrong information
Коментарий от: Mohammad Algezeeri

Kasparas Lukša
He blended Fib. Retr. with Fib. Ext. :D :D :D wow...
Коментарий от: Kasparas Lukša

Am I Missing something here, no matter what I do with Fib extension tool I can't get it to behave in the same way as you are demonstrating here. I am using the trend based tool . appreciate your feedback
Коментарий от: supernova1976

Goodluck Apollus
thank you for wasting my data i understand nothing
Коментарий от: Goodluck Apollus

Cedric B.
you're using the fibonacci extension as an inverted fib retracement tool which doesn't make any sense. Haven't you noticed you're using a 3 points tool for a 2 points application? You do not measure at all the projected movement because you do not take into consideration the pullback in wave 2. Anyone with basic technical analysis knowledge would tell you this. Also, without EW count this tool is mostly useless for any trader. This tool is mostly designed for eliott waves strategy. You can find confluence everywhere in charts even if you pull fib levels like a monkey, but it won't mean anything
Коментарий от: Cedric B.

help pleas, what is that program you are using to draw lines & use the fibbonaci tools on?
Коментарий от: nick

Pavan Wilfred
beautiful, can we s
ay that we also see flag patterns?

Коментарий от: Pavan Wilfred

eghbal yarmahdawi
big like
Коментарий от: eghbal yarmahdawi

Lee Martin
subscribed thanks mate very helpful video
Коментарий от: Lee Martin

daniel nunez
Uhh..you are not calculating your fibs.. correctly...what you say dont male sense..you say click fom the bottom of the wave,to the top,then click the bottom again?..wouldnt it be easier to just click the bottom fhen the top,and thats it?..i better unsubcribe,what a shame as many will view this video and be mislead
Коментарий от: daniel nunez

Ricardo Zapata
Dude. You are using the fib extension tool wrong. And giving bad info. Or please explain why you do it that way? 🤔🙋🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
Коментарий от: Ricardo Zapata

Lian yanto
Anyone need investor password of forex? You can direct messege me. Thank you.
Коментарий от: Lian yanto

Sinh Tong
Great video and easy to understand. Thank you!
Коментарий от: Sinh Tong

Felicity Mabudusha
For the mere fact that you got the answer right does not mean the steps are correct. This is misleading if you did not know.
Коментарий от: Felicity Mabudusha

Alternatively you can just add 1.27 (or other extended levels) to your Fib Retracement tool
Коментарий от: JEREMY JAHJA

Nathan Bm
Is the fib extension the same as fib retracement ? I use oanda platform I can’t find fib extension tool.
Коментарий от: Nathan Bm

Nathan Bm
Is the fib extension the same as fib retracement ? I use oanda platform I can’t find fib extension tool.
Коментарий от: Nathan Bm

Nathan Bm
Is the fib extension the same as fib retracement ? I use oanda platform I can’t find fib extension tool.
Коментарий от: Nathan Bm

Faisal Ladak
my fib extension does not show 1.272 level how do i correct this?
Коментарий от: Faisal Ladak

corey gillis
ive never actually used or seen anyone use the fib extension that way. Can you please explain the benefits of going back down to the first swing low?
Коментарий от: corey gillis

Boom Shanky
That’s not how people use this tool. Delete this video you’re giving wrong information. Swing low then swing high and then higher swing low that’s how it’s extended not extended till previous swing low
Коментарий от: Boom Shanky

Arlette Darty
do you apply the Fibonacci on a day Trade or 180 day?
Коментарий от: Arlette Darty

Sһѧһzѧıɞ ѧғяıԀı
Fibo=Secret of Trading
Коментарий от: Sһѧһzѧıɞ ѧғяıԀı

KEDJI Francis
best video useefull
Коментарий от: KEDJI Francis

KEDJI Francis
Коментарий от: KEDJI Francis

Chris king
great stuff thanks
Коментарий от: Chris king

Extremely beneficial is an understatement!
Коментарий от: J V

I swear I thought I was the only one who knew about this. Great minds think alike I guess
Коментарий от: CognacQ

John Hughes
Hi Is extension the same as expansion ? i dont have extension on my mt4
Коментарий от: John Hughes

N Phattara
Swing low to swinf haaid that accent though hahahahaha
Коментарий от: N Phattara

Melisa Monzon
The EAP training program has changed my life! Thank you so much for everything
Коментарий от: Melisa Monzon

Коментарий от: mikecbrblue

Junebug Presents
Makes a lot of sense. Just another way to use Fib Ext. for me. Thanks.
Коментарий от: Junebug Presents

Sushil Bajra
are we doing a mistake by putting extension line the other way? many pundits of t.a taught that the fib extension should be drawn the other way not as you have drawn , so which one is the default way to put it?
Коментарий от: Sushil Bajra

Dean Vanstan
Good video Steve, I just wonder why other traders put the Fibonacci extension on the retracement swing...what you did makes sense and that is the correct way
Коментарий от: Dean Vanstan

thank you!.
50k subs you have to show your face

Коментарий от: H0RnSeY

Music Lovers
Learnd a lot from you videos.its helping us a lot..thank you for your hard work for us..waiting for weekly prediction.👍
Коментарий от: Music Lovers

Sri Anugraha Enterprises
Nice Video Great
Коментарий от: Sri Anugraha Enterprises

Anthony Boissiere
great video. Do you have a live daily trading room ?
Коментарий от: Anthony Boissiere

good sir i am waiting weekly reviews of market...
Коментарий от: IMMI JAAS