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Jeffrey Jackson
Dawg I’ve been watching ur videos for years I love ur analysis but u gotta clean up the charts. U have to many tools on top of tools stacked all over ur chart. It’s really difficult to read ur chart
Коментарий от: Jeffrey Jackson

Hey Akil, Is that 'Turning Point' training still available as I have been unable to locate it. I have however managed to find the 'Into the Grey' video, which was very beneficial.

By the way, your videos never get old ;)

Коментарий от: rizwan101

Adrian Kasa
How much do you charge for your course
Коментарий от: Adrian Kasa

Ryann B
Hi what are the fibo retracements numbers? i only have the numbers from my account but i noticed in your website the fibo used has more numbers
Коментарий от: Ryann B

Darius Kirksey
Preciate the info. I don't see the "Turning Point" vid on the site...help...thanks
Коментарий от: Darius Kirksey

Hey Akil, I was wondering if patterns, structure and lower low, lower close work on the 1 hour time frame and lower or is it only good on the 4 hour and up? I been searching around and haven't gotten a straight answer. Thank you for your awesome videos though!
Коментарий от: LeeAlmightyC

Tatenda Make
hey Akil, what is the difference between price action and market structure ( analyzing price action and structure ) ? Is there a link between the two or it's all the same ? Please elaborate
Коментарий от: Tatenda Make

I am such a super beginner. I started doing the demo but as far as analysis, I am lost. Where should I start?
Коментарий от: carmentoffee

Spectacular video my friend
Коментарий от: DudeBro

are you familiar with the story of Takashi Kotegawa? Is it possible to achieve those results in forex?
Коментарий от: lamarjlp914

Empress Hollings
This is becoming more and more clearer everyday! Thank you!
Коментарий от: Empress Hollings

Sharif Hasan
I noticed that you used this strategy with 1 hour chart. does this also work with smaller time frames such as 5 minutes, 15 minutes?
Коментарий от: Sharif Hasan

K Rog
Akil any idea when into the grey will be available again?
Коментарий от: K Rog

Nice video! Keep up the good work!
Коментарий от: LEFTURN Inc.

Aakash Sawant
Thanks !! i have been learning lot of important concepts form your videos
i have been reading a book by john murphy technical analysis . in this book he as mentioned that in retracement tools 33% 66% and 50% have more significance. what's your opinion on the same

Коментарий от: Aakash Sawant

Anees khan
+Akil stokes.. what time frame u prefer for fibbonacci..
Коментарий от: Anees khan

Looks like both were removed...why?
Коментарий от: Wickedeh17GE

Steve McC
From one trainer to another - you are great! I'm looking forward to joining the group.
Коментарий от: Steve McC

Gold Forex
A great combination ! #Forex_trading_for_beginners_How_to_trade_with_Fibonacci_Retracement
Коментарий от: Gold Forex

Ricardo Restrepo
I have learnt alot from you, thanks!!
Коментарий от: Ricardo Restrepo

Daniel P
Cool shirt
Коментарий от: Daniel P

Oleg Zagorodnii
I don't think i wanna cancel my membership Keep on doing Akil I wanna know every smallest details of what you know I wanna hit the same level
Коментарий от: Oleg Zagorodnii

Philip Stewart
Thank you for everything you do for us :)
Коментарий от: Philip Stewart

Nicu Bodoc
Akil,where can I find your trading patterns?
Коментарий от: Nicu Bodoc

Gara Ameer
Welcome back akil
Коментарий от: Gara Ameer

Darrell Tetreault
Hey Akil
I have watched many of your video's and I must say, you do a great job.
Your sincerity and interest to help traders comes through very well...
Although I do not trade Forex at this time, I still find myself drawn back to your video's and I can say I learn a little something each time I watch.
I anticipate I will trade Forex at some point....but for now....
Thank you Akil, keep up the great work you and Jason do for the trading community....

Коментарий от: Darrell Tetreault

pradyuman sevar
Thanks.. have attended your workshop, seen Into the Grey and turning point.. recommended it to thousands... really one of the best learning videos out there.. such good stuff shouldnt be free.. people dont value it if they havent paid for it.. keep up the good work..
Коментарий от: pradyuman sevar

Johnny Baretto
What platform do you use? do you execute on MT4? please answer
Коментарий от: Johnny Baretto

Colin Hagan
Hey Akil great video as always, I got in on that USD JPY trade also but my point is I was looking at that set up on wednesday night so I set my limit orders and went to sleep. When I came into my office on thursday morning and watched your syndicate video I was very pleased that this was something on your radar which seems to be happening more often with you and Jason so I must be getting closer to the right track. P.S Good conversion today in live room about smart money retail traders
Коментарий от: Colin Hagan

thanks for the great, video, Akil. You are doing great work. Ignore anyone who doesn't appreciate it.
Коментарий от: ZooKeeper

Peter Ferreira
Great video and awesome trade my man! Keep em coming! Peter (Profpiet)
Коментарий от: Peter Ferreira

Onlyson Monaxogios
Hey Akil i saw a trade of yours in USDJPY (Treadeview) .
I also saw some EMAs .
Did you start to use them ?
And if so , as a "statistical push " or as support and resistance ??

Thanks a bunch and great work, you have helped many people in a great way !!!
Awesome video again !!

Коментарий от: Onlyson Monaxogios

Harrison Seta Tanging
Thank you for the free video akil, it is really easy to understand your technique...btw im still in the process of learning, building my capital and it has been 2 years. Recently (3 months couple back) i was searching for a good tutorial video on Fibonacci, then i bump on Jason Stepleton video and i had my "ah ha" moment...since then i keep watching both of your videos and trade empowered learning video.....keep it up...i hope you guys wont stop helping new trader like us...
Коментарий от: Harrison Seta Tanging

Kwame Dukes
You should hop on periscope and show us how you trade live like Oceansky does every single day
Коментарий от: Kwame Dukes

Kevin C
Great stuff Akil, the youtube videos get better every time :)

Almost finished backtesting Bats and Gartleys on my 1st pair and the results are looking good.

Коментарий от: Kevin C

Nice Trade
congrats Akil, i wish you & your family good health & happiness :^)

iam going to join the Syndicate to trade with you guys, just as soon as i can re-arrange a good schedule

looking to go short now EUR/CAD LOL..

Коментарий от: Nice Trade

Sean A.
Another great vid Akil! I was long as well but from a totally different strategy...goes to show you how much opportunity there really is!
Коментарий от: Sean A.

Ian Martineau
Welcome back Akil. Glad you took a time-off for a refresh of your mind. You're right about "pain-free trade" on USDYEN pair with structure trading. I did that "pain-free trade" on GBPUSD with structure trading after IPDEing the pair which is posted on TradingView, See here for others ( www.tradingview.com/chart/GBPUSD/xns0mMsn-Close-up-of-the-Cable/ ). Made 96 pips so far. My son gave me a pat in the back. :-)

And about Into the grey and Turning Point : Very good learning videos I learned from before getting the ProTrader Course.

Take care and happy pip hunting..

Коментарий от: Ian Martineau

Yep the buy at 120.27 for +70 pips deserves a big thumbs up from across the pond.
I was keeping an eye on the $/¥ but i was unable to get involved during the London session.. It was one of those trades that just kept passing me by...
Very nice analysis.

Коментарий от: TONY UK

Great info..
Do you ever have a sale on the 12 week program??

Коментарий от: Gprime31

Great video ,Akil :-) Did you trade the flag pattern ?
Коментарий от: askeladd101

Grog Strongjaw
Are the videos on tradeempowered a limited time or will they always be avaible for free?
Коментарий от: Grog Strongjaw

nice video. so you went long few pips above the second pinbar, right? but then you put the SL below the pinbars or below the reversal zone?
Коментарий от: nowekonto2

CednMaria Pierrot
I like..I'm still a newbie tho :/...3rd grader on school of pips! "progress is a process"
Коментарий от: CednMaria Pierrot

Mathias B
Awesomeness as Always :) You Rock Akil !
Коментарий от: Mathias B

Solomon Spydro
That painting in the background looks interesting, what sport is it?
Коментарий от: Solomon Spydro

James Mitchell
Great vid akil!
Коментарий от: James Mitchell